Significa Sombras

Interactive Computer Voice composition Significa Sombras is a linear, composed version of the (algorithmic)interactive media artwork “Levántate.” by video artist Mariela Cádiz Music Composition & Interactivity: Kent ClellandVocal Performance: Berenice HernandezText: Pablo NerudaDuration: 14:46 Composed in 2001-2002, Significa Sombras leverages not only custom proprietary software written by Kent Clelland, but Continue Reading


Computer Music Concréte, StereophonicSoundtrack for the Experimental Filmby Denis Lelong, Mariela Cádiz.Music Composition & Performance: Kent ClellandDuration: 10:45 Alèthéia (1998) is an experimental film integrating live action and 3-D computer animation to create a metaphorical immersion into the mind, a journey of audiovisual alchemy through the labyrinths of memory. The Continue Reading