Live Computer Music in 2 channels
excerpt from a 1 hour performance
PowerBook G3
Duration: 6:39

With the advent of the PowerPC G3 powered Laptops, performing live computer music became a viable future for the gigging computer musician.  Until 2000 we were schlepping desktop computers to venues, complete with CRT monitors.  With the millenium came the breakthrough: laptops powerful enough to perform an entire show live and in real time. 

Recorded Live at the WMF club in Berlin, Mitte (Ziegelstr) in the summer of 2000.

The very first Native Lab gig in 2000 featured live laptop performances by K∑ñ†, LazyFish, and Vladislav Delay.

Text by Giordano Bruno. Software by Kent Clelland.

Software used on stage:
~=/=~ Reaktor 3.2 for Mac
~=/=~ Spektral Delay 
~=/=~ Vokator
~=/=~ Max/MSP