Selected Compositions

2020: LapCore AI

Audio Visual Live Performance
ATTN: TICKETS Still available for the AudioViral Sommernacht (Zürich 2. Juli 2020)

A Live visual music remix of’s work into Emergence Theeory. Leverages cTonality, polytemporal timelines, binaural entrainment, and kaleidoscopic visuals. [Preview LapCore AI]

2020: Frühlingsritual

Computer Music composition in 2-Channels

An introduction to cTonality, Frühlingsritual consists of the two LapCore compositions (on ideas of Stravinsky) for Vidatone’s ‘Augmenting the Now’ exhibition in Berlin. [audition Frühlingsritual]

2016: Randensonate

lautgedicht for two laptops, voices,
stereophonic audio dissemination, and full HD video synthesis

line_code performance at Die Kleine Dada Soirée on the 15. April 2016 at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, the birthplace of Dada. [preview Randensonate]

2011: I Am Standing Through A Rose
for voice, laptop, long stem rose

Amidst a backdrop of live-sequenced pulse-width-modulations, the Alvin Lucier inspired text evolves into a melange of syllables, snippets, and shards of words layered to create a textural wordscape. [audition I Am Standing Through A Rose]

2002: Significa Sombras / Levántate                                     

for voice, computers, and interactive audio / visual projection.

Winner of the VIDA 5.0 public choice award for art and artificial life, this interactive composition / installation reflects on life and death within the digital realm.  Text by Pablo Neruda, Collaboration with video artist Mariela Cadiz.  [audition Significas Ombras]

2000: nun_und_wie_wir_wollen                                                 

Live Laptop Performance

Performed live at the Native Lab 1.0 event in Berlin 400 years after Giordano Bruno was burned as a heretic,  nun_und_wie_wir_wollen is a tour-de-force of live laptop machinations.  The Native Lab 1.0 event was the first all-laptop club gig in Berlin, marking the dawn of a new era of technological music performance.  The text is from the German translation of Bruno’s “The Philosophy of the Ass.”  (Philosophie des Esels).  [audition nun_und_wie_wir_wollen]

1998: Alèthéia 

stereophonic computer music film score

The computer music soundtrack to this experimental computer animation film is comprised entirely of glass, water, alto clarinet, and alto saxophone.  The sound recordings were processed in the frequency domain with experimental algorithms which would later become products in the Native Instruments lineup.  [audition Alèthéia]

1998: Seven Sisters Under a Full Moon 

stereophonic computer music

Seven variations on a spoken word text by Chris Mann featuring custom spectral analysis/resysnthesis algorithms which would later become the basis of the Native Instruments product ‘NI-Spektral Delay.’ [audition Seven Sisters Under A Full Moon]